(4)For purposes of this subsection, the term “customer” does not include any person who— (A)is a broker or dealer; (B)had a claim for cash or securities which by contract, agreement, or understanding, or by operation of law, was part of the capital of the claiming broker or dealer or was subordinated to the claims of any or all creditors of such broker or dealer; or (C)had a relationship of the kind specified insection 78fff–3(a)(5) of this titlewith the debtor. (f)In order to facilitate the prompt satisfaction of customer claims and the orderly liquidation of the debtor, the trustee may, pursuant to terms satisfactory to him and subject to the prior approval of SIPC, sell or otherwise transfer to another member of SIPC, without consent of any customer, all or any part of the account of a customer of the debtor. In connection with any such sale or transfer to another member of SIPC and subject to the prior approval of SIPC, the trustee may—


15 USC § 78fff-2(e)(4)

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