(g)A security-based swap, as defined inshall be considered to be a security as such term is used in section 101(53A)(B) and subchapter III of title 11.An account that holds a security-based swap, other than a portfolio margining account referred to inshall be considered to be a securities account, as that term is defined in. The definitions of the terms “purchase” and “sale” in section 78c(a)(13) and (14) of this title shall be applied to the terms “purchase” and “sale”, as used in. The term “customer”, as defined in, excludes any person, to the extent that such person has a claim based on any open repurchase agreement, open reverse repurchase agreement, stock borrowed agreement, non-cleared option, or non-cleared security-based swap except to the extent of any margin delivered to or by the customer with respect to which there is a customer protection requirement under section 78o(c)(3) of this title or a segregation requirement.


15 USC § 78c-5(g)

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