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(4) Exclusion of certain security expenses from consideration for purpose of small business size standards (A) Determination required Not later than 30 days after January 6, 2006 , the Administrator shall review the application of size standards established pursuant to paragraph (2) to small business concerns that are performing contracts in qualified areas and determine whether it would be fair and appropriate to exclude from consideration in the average annual gross receipts of such small business concerns any payments made to such small business concerns by Federal agencies to reimburse such small business concerns for the cost of subcontracts entered for the sole purpose of providing security services in a qualified area. (B) Action required Not later than 60 days after January 6, 2006 , the Administrator shall either— (i) initiate an adjustment to the size standards, as described in subparagraph (A), if the Administrator determines that such an adjustment would be fair and appropriate; or (ii) provide a report to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship of the Senate and the Committee on Small Business of the House of Representatives explaining in detail the basis for the determination by the Administrator that such an adjustment would not be fair and appropriate. (C) Qualified areas In this paragraph, the term “qualified area” means— (i) Iraq, (ii) Afghanistan, and (iii) any foreign country which included a combat zone, as that term is defined in section 112(c)(2) of title 26 , at the time of performance of the relevant Federal contract or subcontract.


15 USC § 632(a)(4)

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