(11) Definitions For purposes of this subsection— (A) the term “intermediary” means— (i) a private, nonprofit entity; (ii) a private, nonprofit community development corporation; (iii) a consortium of private, nonprofit organizations or nonprofit community development corporations; (iv) a quasi-governmental economic development entity (such as a planning and development district), other than a State, county, municipal government, or any agency thereof, if— (I) no application is received from an eligible nonprofit organization; or (II) the Administration determines that the needs of a region or geographic area are not adequately served by an existing, eligible nonprofit organization that has submitted an application; or (v) an agency of or nonprofit entity established by a Native American Tribal Government, that seeks to borrow or has borrowed funds from the Administration to make microloans to small business concerns under this subsection; (B) the term “microloan” means a short-term, fixed rate loan of not more than $50,000, made by an intermediary to a startup, newly established, or growing small business concern; (C) the term “rural area” means any political subdivision or unincorporated area— (i) in a nonmetropolitan county (as defined by the Secretary of Agriculture) or its equivalent thereof; or (ii) in a metropolitan county or its equivalent that has a resident population of less than 20,000 if the Small Business Administration has determined such political subdivision or area to be rural.


15 USC § 636(m)(11)

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For purposes of this subsection
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