(3) If for any reason, including but not limited to the failure of the Secretary of the Interior to offer for lease lands in the Montana portion of the Powder River Coal Production Region as defined in the Federal Register of November 9, 1979 ( 44 F.R. 65196 ), or the failure of the holder of the bidding rights to submit a successful high bid for any such leases, any bidding rights issued in an exchange under this subchapter have not been exercised within two years from October 31, 1983 , the bidding rights may be used as a monetary credit, which shall be considered “money” within the meaning of section 35 of the Mineral Lands Leasing Act of 1920 ( 30 U.S.C. 191 ), against that portion of bonus payments, rental or royalty payments paid into the Treasury of the United States and retained by the Federal Government on any Federal coal lease won or otherwise held by the applicant, its successors or assigns. The holder of the bidding rights shall pay the balance due on such bonus payments, rental or royalty payments in cash for transmittal to the States in the same manner and in the same amounts as though the entire payment were made in cash under the provisions of the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 as amended [ 30 U.S.C. 181 et seq.]. The bidding rights may be transferred or sold at any time by the owner to any other party with all the rights of the owner to the credit, and after such transfer, the owner shall notify the Secretary.


16 USC § 460ll-3(b)(3)

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