crest facilities

(2) Crest facilities The term “crest facilities” means— (A) all facilities and developments located on the crest of Sandia Mountain, including the Sandia Crest Electronic Site; (B) electronic site access roads; (C) the Crest House; (D) the upper terminal, restaurant, and related facilities of Sandia Peak Tram Company; (E) the Crest Observation Area; (F) parking lots; (G) restrooms; (H) the Crest Trail (Trail No. 130); (I) hang glider launch sites; (J) the Kiwanis cabin; and (K) the land on which the facilities described in subparagraphs (A) through (J) are located and the land extending 100 feet along terrain to the west of each such facility, unless a different distance is agreed to in writing by the Secretary and the Pueblo and documented in the survey of the Area.


16 USC § 539m-1(2)

Scoping language

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