eligible land

(1) Definition of eligible land In this subsection: (A) In general The term “eligible land” means cropland that— (i) is selected by the owner or operator of the land for proposed enrollment in the pilot program under this subsection; and (ii) as determined by the Secretary— (I) is located within 1 or more States that are part of the prairie pothole region, as selected by the Secretary based on consultation with State Committees of the Farm Service Agency and State technical committees established under section 3861(a) of this title from that region; (II) had a cropping history or was considered to be planted during each of the 3 crop years preceding enrollment; and (III) is verified to be less-productive land, as compared to other land on the applicable farm. (B) Exclusion The term “eligible land” does not include any land that was enrolled in a conservation reserve program contract in any of the 3 crop years preceding enrollment in the pilot program under this subsection.


16 USC § 3831c(b)(1)

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