water resource facility

(A)As used in this paragraph, the term “water resource facility” means irrigation and pumping facilities, reservoirs, water conservation works, aqueducts, canals, ditches, pipelines, wells, hydropower projects, and transmission and other ancillary facilities, and other water diversion, storage, and carriage structures. Such term does not include any such facilities related to or used for the purpose of livestock grazing. (B)Except as otherwise provided by subsection (g) or other provisions of this subchapter, on and after, neither the President nor any other officer, employee, or agent of the United States shall fund, assist, authorize, or issue a license or permit for the development of any new water resource facility within the wilderness area designated by this subchapter. (C)Except as provided in this paragraph, nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to affect or limit the use, operation, maintenance, repair, modification, or replacement of water resource facilities in existence on, within the boundaries of the Wilderness.


16 USC § 460mmm-4(l)(4)(A)

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As used in this paragraph
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