August 1977 Report

(22) Missouri River, Nebraska, South Dakota — The segment from Gavins Point Dam, South Dakota, fifty-nine miles downstream to Ponca State Park, Nebraska, as generally depicted in the document entitled “Review Report for Water Resources Development, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana”, prepared by the Division Engineer, Missouri River Division, Corps of Engineers, dated August 1977 (hereinafter in this paragraph referred to as the “August 1977 Report”). Such segment shall be administered as a recreational river by the Secretary. The Secretary shall enter into a written cooperative agreement with the Secretary of the Army (acting through the Chief of Engineers) for construction and maintenance of bank stabilization work and appropriate recreational development. After public notice and consultation with the State and local governments, other interested organizations and associations, and the interested public, the Secretary shall take such action as is required pursuant to subsection (b) within one year from November 10, 1978 . In administering such river, the Secretary shall, to the extent, and in a manner, consistent with this section— (A) provide (i) for the construction by the United States of such recreation river features and streambank stabilization structures as the Secretary of the Army (acting through the Chief of Engineers) deems necessary and advisable in connection with the segment designated by this paragraph, and (ii) for the operation and maintenance of all streambank stabilization structures constructed in connection with such segment (including both structures constructed before November 10, 1978 , and structures constructed after such date, and including both structures constructed under the authority of this section and structures constructed under the authority of any other Act); and (B) permit access for such pumping and associated pipelines as may be necessary to assure an adequate supply of water for owners of land adjacent to such segment and for fish, wildlife, and recreational uses outside the river corridor established pursuant to this paragraph. The streambank structures to be constructed and maintained under subparagraph (A) shall include, but not be limited to, structures at such sites as are specified with respect to such segment on pages 62 and 63 of the August 1977 Report, except that sites for such structures may be relocated to the extent deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Army (acting through the Chief of Engineers) by reason of physical changes in the river or river area. The Secretary of the Army (acting through the Chief of Engineers) shall condition the construction or maintenance of any streambank stabilization structure or of any recreational river feature at any site under subparagraph (A)(i) upon the availability to the United States of such land and interests in land in such ownership as he deems necessary to carry out such construction or maintenance and to protect and enhance the river in accordance with the purposes of this chapter. Administration of the river segment designated by this paragraph shall be in coordination with, and pursuant to the advice of a Recreational River Advisory Group which shall be established by the Secretary. Such Group may include in its membership, representatives of the affected States and political subdivisions thereof, affected Federal agencies, and such organized private groups as the Secretary deems desirable. Notwithstanding the authority to the contrary contained in section 1277(a) of this title , no land or interests in land may be acquired without the consent of the owner: Provided , That not to exceed 5 per centum of the acreage within the designated river boundaries may be acquired in less than fee title without the consent of the owner, in such instance of the Secretary’s determination that activities are occurring, or threatening to occur thereon which constitute serious damage or threat to the integrity of the river corridor, in accordance with the values for which this river was designated. For purposes of carrying out the provisions of this chapter with respect to the river designated by this paragraph, there are authorized to be appropriated not to exceed $21,000,000, for acquisition of lands and interests in lands and for development.


16 USC § 1274(a)(22)

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