area plan

(1) Area plan The term “area plan” means a resource conservation and use plan developed through a locally led planning process by a council for a designated area of 1 or more States, or of land under the jurisdiction of an Indian tribe, that includes 1 or more of the following elements: (A) A land conservation element, the purpose of which is to control erosion and sedimentation. (B) A water management element that provides 1 or more clear environmental or conservation benefits, the purpose of which is to provide for— (i) the conservation, use, and quality of water, including irrigation and rural water supplies; (ii) the mitigation of floods and high water tables; (iii) the repair and improvement of reservoirs; (iv) the improvement of agricultural water management; and (v) the improvement of water quality. (C) A community development element, the purpose of which is to improve— (i) the development of resources-based industries; (ii) the protection of rural industries from natural resource hazards; (iii) the development of adequate rural water and waste disposal systems; (iv) the improvement of recreation facilities; (v) the improvement in the quality of rural housing; (vi) the provision of adequate health and education facilities; (vii) the satisfaction of essential transportation and communication needs; and (viii) the promotion of food security, economic development, and education. (D) A land management element, the purpose of which is— (i) energy conservation, including the production of energy crops; (ii) the protection of agricultural land, as appropriate, from conversion to other uses; (iii) farmland protection; and (iv) the protection of fish and wildlife habitats.


16 USC § 3451(1)

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