(2) Conservation The term “conservation”— (A) means the use of methods and procedures necessary to prevent the diminution of, and to sustain viable populations of, a species; and (B) includes all activities associated with wildlife management, such as— (i) conservation, protection, restoration, acquisition, and management of habitat; (ii) in-situ research and monitoring of populations and habitats; (iii) assistance in the development, implementation, and improvement of management plans for managed habitat ranges; (iv) enforcement and implementation of CITES; (v) enforcement and implementation of domestic laws relating to resource management; (vi) development and operation of sanctuaries for members of a species rescued from the illegal trade in live animals; (vii) training of local law enforcement officials in the interdiction and prevention of the illegal killing of great apes; (viii) programs for the rehabilitation of members of a species in the wild and release of the members into the wild in ways which do not threaten existing wildlife populations by causing displacement or the introduction of disease; (ix) conflict resolution initiatives; (x) community outreach and education; and (xi) strengthening the capacity of local communities to implement conservation programs.


16 USC § 6302(2)

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