National Park

(1) Definitions In this subsection: (A) Company The term “Company” means Florida Power & Light Company. (B) Federal Land The term “Federal Land” means the parcels of land that are— (i) owned by the United States; (ii) administered by the Secretary; (iii) located within the National Park; and (iv) generally depicted on the map as— (I) Tract A, which is adjacent to the Tamiami Trail, U.S. Rt. 41; and (II) Tract B, which is located on the eastern boundary of the National Park. (C) Map The term “map” means the map prepared by the National Park Service, entitled “Proposed Land Exchanges, Everglades National Park”, numbered 160/60411A, and dated September 2008. (D) National Park The term “National Park” means the Everglades National Park located in the State. (E) Non-Federal land The term “non-Federal land” means the land in the State that— (i) is owned by the State, the specific area and location of which shall be determined by the State; or (ii) (I) is owned by the Company; (II) comprises approximately 320 acres; and (III) is located within the East Everglades Acquisition Area, as generally depicted on the map as “Tract D”. (F) Secretary The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Interior. (G) State The term “State” means the State of Florida and political subdivisions of the State, including the South Florida Water Management District.


16 USC § 410r-9(b)(1)

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