priority project

(9) Priority project The term “priority project” means an appropriate conservation project conducted on eligible service lands to further 1 or more of the purposes of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 ( 16 U.S.C. 6501 et seq.) and other conservation and restoration initiatives, as follows: (A) To reduce wildfire risk to a community, municipal water supply, or other at-risk Federal land. (B) To protect a watershed or address a threat to forest and rangeland health, including catastrophic wildfire. (C) To address the impact of insect or disease infestations or other damaging agents on forest and rangeland health. (D) To protect, restore, or enhance forest ecosystem components to— (i) promote the recovery of threatened or endangered species; (ii) improve biological diversity; or (iii) enhance productivity and carbon sequestration. (E) To protect, restore, or enhance marine, estuarine, riverine, and coastal habitat ecosystem components— (i) to promote the recovery of threatened species, endangered species, and managed fisheries; (ii) to restore fisheries, protected resources, and habitats impacted by oil and chemical spills and natural disasters; or (iii) to enhance the resilience of coastal ecosystems, communities, and economies through habitat conservation.


16 USC § 1722(9)

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