eligible entity

(3) Agreements (A) Definition of eligible entity In this paragraph, the term “eligible entity” means— (i) the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; (ii) a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; or (iii) any other entity that is a member of the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership described in subsection (e)(2). (B) Authority of Secretary Subject to subparagraph (C), the Secretary may consult with an eligible entity on, and enter into with the eligible entity— (i) a cooperative management agreement to acquire from, and provide to, the eligible entity goods and services for the cooperative management of land within the recreation area; and (ii) notwithstanding section 6305 of title 31 , a cooperative agreement for the construction of recreation area facilities on land owned by an eligible entity for purposes consistent with the management plan under subsection (f). (C) Conditions The Secretary may enter into an agreement with an eligible entity under subparagraph (B) only if the Secretary determines that— (i) appropriations for carrying out the purposes of the agreement are available; and (ii) the agreement is in the best interests of the United States.


16 USC § 460kkk(d)(3)

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