Nationwide System of Trails, Proposed Appalachian Trail, NST–AT–101–May 1967

(1) The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, a trail of approximately two thousand miles extending generally along the Appalachian Mountains from Mount Katahdin, Maine, to Springer Mountain, Georgia. Insofar as practicable, the right-of-way for such trail shall comprise the trail depicted on the maps identified as “Nationwide System of Trails, Proposed Appalachian Trail, NST–AT–101–May 1967”, which shall be on file and available for public inspection in the office of the Director of the National Park Service. Where practicable, such rights-of-way shall include lands protected for it under agreements in effect as of October 2, 1968 , to which Federal agencies and States were parties. The Appalachian Trail shall be administered primarily as a footpath by the Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture.


16 USC § 1244(a)(1)

Scoping language

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