component part

(1) The term “component part” means any imported article that— (A) during the 5-year period ending on the date on which the petition is filed under subsection (a), has been subject to— (i) a countervailing or antidumping duty order issued under this subtitle or section 1303 1 of this title that requires the deposit of estimated countervailing or antidumping duties imposed at a rate of at least 15 percent ad valorem, or (ii) an agreement entered into under section 1671c , 1673c , or 1303 1 of this title after a preliminary affirmative determination under section 1671b(b) , 1673b(b)(1) , or 1303 1 of this title was made by the administering authority which included a determination that the estimated net countervailable subsidy was at least 15 percent ad valorem or that the estimated average amount by which the normal value exceeded the export price (or the constructed export price) was at least 15 percent ad valorem, and (B) because of its inherent characteristics, is routinely used as a major part, component, assembly, subassembly, or material in a downstream product.


19 USC § 1677i(d)(1)

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