regional industry

(C) Regional industries In appropriate circumstances, the United States, for a particular product market, may be divided into 2 or more markets and the producers within each market may be treated as if they were a separate industry if— (i) the producers within such market sell all or almost all of their production of the domestic like product in question in that market, and (ii) the demand in that market is not supplied, to any substantial degree, by producers of the product in question located elsewhere in the United States. In such appropriate circumstances, material injury, the threat of material injury, or material retardation of the establishment of an industry may be found to exist with respect to an industry even if the domestic industry as a whole, or those producers whose collective output of a domestic like product constitutes a major proportion of the total domestic production of that product, is not injured, if there is a concentration of dumped imports or imports of merchandise benefiting from a countervailable subsidy into such an isolated market and if the producers of all, or almost all, of the production within that market are being materially injured or threatened by material injury, or if the establishment of an industry is being materially retarded, by reason of the dumped imports or imports of merchandise benefiting from a countervailable subsidy. The term “regional industry” means the domestic producers within a region who are treated as a separate industry under this subparagraph.


19 USC § 1677(4)(C)

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