the Annex

(A)The term “the Annex” means Annex 300-B of the NAFTA. (B)The term “ATPDEA beneficiary country” means any “beneficiary country”, as defined in, which the President designates as an ATPDEA beneficiary country, taking into account the criteria contained in subsections (c) and (d) ofand other appropriate criteria, including the following: (i)Whether the beneficiary country has demonstrated a commitment to— (I)undertake its obligations under the WTO, including those agreements listed insection 3511(d) of this title, on or ahead of schedule; and (II)participate in negotiations toward the completion of the FTAA or another free trade agreement. (ii)The extent to which the country provides protection of intellectual property rights consistent with or greater than the protection afforded under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights described insection 3511(d)(15) of this title. (iii)The extent to which the country provides internationally recognized worker rights, including— (I)the right of association; (II)the right to organize and bargain collectively; (III)a prohibition on the use of any form of forced or compulsory labor; (IV)a minimum age for the employment of children; and (V)acceptable conditions of work with respect to minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational safety and health. (iv)Whether the country has implemented its commitments to eliminate the worst forms of child labor, as defined in section 507(6) of the Trade Act of 1974 [19 U.S.C. 2467(6)]. (v)The extent to which the country has met the counternarcotics certification criteria set forth insection 2291j of title 22for eligibility for United States assistance. (vi)The extent to which the country has taken steps to become a party to and implements the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption. (vii)The extent to which the country— (I)applies transparent, nondiscriminatory, and competitive procedures in government procurement equivalent to those contained in the Agreement on Government Procurement described insection 3511(d)(17) of this title; and (II)contributes to efforts in international fora to develop and implement international rules in transparency in government procurement. (viii)The extent to which the country has taken steps to support the efforts of the United States to combat terrorism.


19 USC § 3203(b)(6)(A)

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