partial financial hardship

(3) Partial financial hardship The term “partial financial hardship”, when used with respect to a borrower, means that for such borrower— (A) the annual amount due on the total amount of loans made, insured, or guaranteed under part B or D (other than an excepted PLUS loan or excepted consolidation loan) to a borrower as calculated under the standard repayment plan under section 1078(b)(9)(A)(i) or 1087e(d)(1)(A) of this title , based on a 10-year repayment period; exceeds (B) 15 percent of the result obtained by calculating, on at least an annual basis, the amount by which— (i) the borrower’s, and the borrower’s spouse’s (if applicable), adjusted gross income; exceeds (ii) 150 percent of the poverty line applicable to the borrower’s family size as determined under section 9902(2) of title 42 .


20 USC § 1098e(a)(3)

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