teacher mentoring

(21) Teacher mentoring The term “teacher mentoring” means the mentoring of new or prospective teachers through a program that— (A) includes clear criteria for the selection of teacher mentors who will provide role model relationships for mentees, which criteria shall be developed by the eligible partnership and based on measures of teacher effectiveness; (B) provides high-quality training for such mentors, including instructional strategies for literacy instruction and classroom management (including approaches that improve the schoolwide climate for learning, which may include positive behavioral interventions and supports); (C) provides regular and ongoing opportunities for mentors and mentees to observe each other’s teaching methods in classroom settings during the day in a high-need school in the high-need local educational agency in the eligible partnership; (D) provides paid release time for mentors, as applicable; (E) provides mentoring to each mentee by a colleague who teaches in the same field, grade, or subject as the mentee; (F) promotes empirically-based practice of, and scientifically valid research on, where applicable— (i) teaching and learning; (ii) assessment of student learning; (iii) the development of teaching skills through the use of instructional and behavioral interventions; and (iv) the improvement of the mentees’ capacity to measurably advance student learning; and (G) includes— (i) common planning time or regularly scheduled collaboration for the mentor and mentee; and (ii) joint professional development opportunities.


20 USC § 1021(21)

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