eligible consortium

(2)The term “eligible consortium” means a partnership of 2 or more entities that have agreed to work together to carry out this section that— (A)includes— (i)a philanthropic organization, which serves as the manager of the consortium; (ii)a State that demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the creation of a Statewide system to address the issues of early intervention and financial support for eligible students to enter and remain in college; and (iii)at the discretion of the philanthropic organization described in clause (i), additional partners, including other non-profit organizations, government entities (including local municipalities, school districts, cities, and counties), institutions of higher education, and other public or private programs that provide mentoring or outreach programs; and (B)conducts activities to assist students with entering and remaining in college, which may include— (i)providing need-based grants to students; (ii)providing early notification to low-income students of their potential eligibility for Federal financial aid (which may include assisting students and families with filling out FAFSA forms), as well as other financial aid and other support available from the eligible consortium; (iii)encouraging increased student participation in higher education through mentoring or outreach programs; and (iv)conducting marketing and outreach efforts that are designed to— (I)encourage full participation of students in the activities of the consortium that carry out this section; and (II)provide the communities impacted by the activities of the consortium with a general knowledge about the efforts of the consortium.


20 USC § 1141(i)(2)

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