current repayment status

(2) Reimbursement (A) In general A guaranty agency, in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, may transfer from the Federal Student Loan Reserve Fund under section 1072a of this title to the Agency Operating Fund under section 1072b of this title a default aversion fee. Such fee shall be paid for any loan on which a claim for default has not been paid as a result of the loan being brought into current repayment status by the guaranty agency on or before the 300th day after the loan becomes 60 days delinquent. (B) Amount The default aversion fee shall be equal to 1 percent of the total unpaid principal and accrued interest on the loan at the time the request is submitted by the lender. A guaranty agency may transfer such fees earned under this subsection not more frequently than monthly. Such a fee shall not be paid more than once on any loan for which the guaranty agency averts the default unless— (i) at least 18 months has elapsed between the date the borrower entered current repayment status and the date the lender filed a subsequent default aversion assistance request; and (ii) during the period between such dates, the borrower was not more than 30 days past due on any payment of principal and interest on the loan. (C) Definition For the purpose of earning the default aversion fee, the term “current repayment status” means that the borrower is not delinquent in the payment of any principal or interest on the loan.


20 USC § 1078(l)(2)

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