specially qualified agency

(3) Specially qualified agencies (A) Eligibility and application If a State educational agency elects not to participate in the program under this subpart or does not have an application submitted under section 7351b of this title approved, a specially qualified agency in such State desiring a grant under this subpart may submit an application under such section directly to the Secretary to receive an award under this subpart. (B) Direct awards The Secretary may award, on a competitive basis or by formula, the amount the State educational agency is eligible to receive under paragraph (2) directly to a specially qualified agency in the State that has submitted an application in accordance with subparagraph (A) and obtained approval of the application. (C) Specially qualified agency defined In this subpart, the term “specially qualified agency” means an eligible local educational agency served by a State educational agency that does not participate in a program under this subpart in a fiscal year, that may apply directly to the Secretary for a grant in such year under this subsection.


20 USC § 7351(a)(3)

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