eligible entity

(2) Eligible entities In this subsection, the term “eligible entity” means any of the following entities that has a plan to develop and maintain, or to improve and expand, programs that support the entity’s use of a Native American or Alaska Native language as the primary language of instruction in elementary schools or secondary schools, or both: (A) An Indian tribe. (B) A Tribal College or University (as defined in section 1059c of this title ). (C) A tribal education agency. (D) A local educational agency, including a public charter school that is a local educational agency under State law. (E) A school operated by the Bureau of Indian Education. (F) An Alaska Native Regional Corporation (as described in section 1602(g) of title 43 ). (G) A private, tribal, or Alaska Native nonprofit organization. (H) A nontribal for-profit organization.


20 USC § 7453(b)(2)

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