special populations

(48) Special populations The term “special populations” means— (A) individuals with disabilities; (B) individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including low-income youth and adults; (C) individuals preparing for non-traditional fields; (D) single parents, including single pregnant women; (E) out-of-workforce individuals; (F) English learners; (G) homeless individuals described in section 11434a of title 42 ; (H) youth who are in, or have aged out of, the foster care system; and (I) youth with a parent who— (i) is a member of the armed forces (as such term is defined in section 101(a)(4) of title 10 ); and (ii) is on active duty (as such term is defined in section 101(d)(1) of such title).


20 USC § 2302(48)

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