drug and violence prevention

(5) Drug and violence prevention The term “drug and violence prevention” means— (A) with respect to drugs, prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation referral, recovery support services, or education related to the illegal use of drugs, such as raising awareness about the consequences of drug use that are evidence-based (to the extent a State, in consultation with local educational agencies in the State, determines that such evidence is reasonably available); and (B) with respect to violence, the promotion of school safety, such that students and school personnel are free from violent and disruptive acts, including sexual harassment and abuse, and victimization associated with prejudice and intolerance, on school premises, going to and from school, and at school-sponsored activities, through the creation and maintenance of a school environment that is free of weapons and fosters individual responsibility and respect for the rights of others.


20 USC § 7112(5)

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