extended-year adjusted cohort graduation rate

(A) In general The term “extended-year adjusted cohort graduation rate” means the fraction— (i) the denominator of which consists of the number of students who form the original cohort of entering first-time students in grade 9 enrolled in the high school no later than the date by which student membership data must be collected annually by State educational agencies for submission to the National Center for Education Statistics under section 9543 of this title , adjusted by— (I) adding the students who joined that cohort, after the date of the determination of the original cohort; and (II) subtracting only those students who left that cohort, after the date of the determination of the original cohort, as described in subparagraph (B); and (ii) the numerator of which— (I) consists of the sum of— (aa) the number of students in the cohort, as adjusted under clause (i), who earned a regular high school diploma before, during, or at the conclusion of— (AA) one or more additional years beyond the fourth year of high school; or (BB) a summer session immediately following the additional year of high school; and (bb) all students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in the cohort, as adjusted under clause (i), assessed using the alternate assessment aligned to alternate academic achievement standards under section 6311(b)(2)(D) of this title and awarded a State-defined alternate diploma that is— (AA) standards-based; (BB) aligned with the State requirements for the regular high school diploma; and (CC) obtained within the time period for which the State ensures the availability of a free appropriate public education under section 1412(a)(1) of this title ; and (II) shall not include any student awarded a recognized equivalent of a diploma, such as a general equivalency diploma, certificate of completion, certificate of attendance, or similar lesser credential.


20 USC § 7801(23)(A)

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