OTC monograph drug activities

(6) The term “OTC monograph drug activities” means activities of the Secretary associated with OTC monograph drugs and inspection of facilities associated with such products, including the following activities: (A) The activities necessary for review and evaluation of OTC monographs and OTC monograph order requests, including— (i) orders proposing or finalizing applicable conditions of use for OTC monograph drugs; (ii) orders affecting status regarding general recognition of safety and effectiveness of an OTC monograph ingredient or combination of ingredients under specified conditions of use; (iii) all OTC monograph drug development and review activities, including intra-agency collaboration; (iv) regulation and policy development activities related to OTC monograph drugs; (v) development of product standards for products subject to review and evaluation; (vi) meetings referred to in section 355h(i) of this title ; (vii) review of labeling prior to issuance of orders related to OTC monograph drugs or conditions of use; and (viii) regulatory science activities related to OTC monograph drugs. (B) Inspections related to OTC monograph drugs. (C) Monitoring of clinical and other research conducted in connection with OTC monograph drugs. (D) Safety activities with respect to OTC monograph drugs, including— (i) collecting, developing, and reviewing safety information on OTC monograph drugs, including adverse event reports; (ii) developing and using improved adverse event data-collection systems, including information technology systems; and (iii) developing and using improved analytical tools to assess potential safety risks, including access to external databases. (E) Other activities necessary for implementation of section 355h of this title .


21 USC § 379j-71(6)

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