small business

(A)For purposes of this subsection, the term “small business” means an entity that reported $100,000,000 or less of gross receipts or sales in its most recent Federal income tax return for a taxable year, including such returns of all of its affiliates. (B) (i)An applicant shall pay the higher fees established by the Secretary each year unless the applicant submits evidence that it qualifies for the lower fee rate. (ii)The applicant shall support its claim that it meets the definition under subparagraph (A) by submission of a copy of its most recent Federal income tax return for a taxable year, and a copy of such returns of its affiliates, which show an amount of gross sales or receipts that is less than the maximum established in subparagraph (A). The applicant, and each of such affiliates, shall certify that the information provided is a true and accurate copy of the actual tax forms they submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. If no tax forms are submitted for any affiliate, the applicant shall certify that the applicant has no affiliates. (iii)In the case of an applicant that has not previously submitted a Federal income tax return, the applicant and each of its affiliates shall demonstrate that it meets the definition under subparagraph (A) by submission of a signed certification, in such form as the Secretary may direct through a notice published in the Federal Register, that the applicant or affiliate meets the criteria for a small business and a certification, in English, from the national taxing authority of the country in which the applicant or, if applicable, affiliate is headquartered. The certification from such taxing authority shall bear the official seal of such taxing authority and shall provide the applicant’s or affiliate’s gross receipts or sales for the most recent year in both the local currency of such country and in United States dollars, the exchange rate used in converting such local currency to dollars, and the dates during which these receipts or sales were collected. The applicant shall also submit a statement signed by the head of the applicant’s firm or by its chief financial officer that the applicant has submitted certifications for all of its affiliates, or that the applicant has no affiliates. (C)For fiscal year 2008 and each subsequent fiscal year, where the Secretary finds that the applicant involved meets the definition under subparagraph (A), the fee for a premarket notification submission may be paid at 25 percent of the fee that applies under subsection (a)(2)(A)(viii), and as established under subsection (c)(1). (D)An applicant seeking a fee reduction under this subsection shall submit supporting information to the Secretary at least 60 days before the fee is required pursuant to subsection (a). The decision of the Secretary regarding whether an entity qualifies for such a reduction is not reviewable. (f)


21 USC § 379j(e)(2)(A)

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