laboratory supply

As used in paragraph (11), the term “laboratory supply” means a listed chemical or any chemical, substance, or item on a special surveillance list published by the Attorney General, which contains chemicals, products, materials, or equipment used in the manufacture of controlled substances and listed chemicals. For purposes of paragraph (11), there is a rebuttable presumption of reckless disregard at trial if the Attorney General notifies a firm in writing that a laboratory supply sold by the firm, or any other person or firm, has been used by a customer of the notified firm, or distributed further by that customer, for the unlawful production of controlled substances or listed chemicals a firm distributes and 2 weeks or more after the notification the notified firm distributes a laboratory supply to the customer. For purposes of paragraph (15), if the distributor is temporarily unable to access the list of persons referred to under section 830(e)(1)(B)(v) of this title , the distributor may rely on a written, faxed, or electronic copy of a certificate of self-certification submitted by the regulated seller or regulated person, provided the distributor confirms within 7 business days of the distribution that such regulated seller or regulated person is on the list referred to under section 830(e)(1)(B)(v) of this title .


21 USC § 842(a)

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