Schedule 3 chemical agent

(12) Schedule 3 chemical agent The term “Schedule 3 chemical agent” means any of the following, together or separately: (A) Phosgene: carbonyl dichloride. (B) Cyanogen chloride. (C) Hydrogen cyanide. (D) Chloropicrin: trichloronitromethane. (E) Phosphorous oxychloride. (F) Phosphorous trichloride. (G) Phosphorous pentachloride. (H) Trimethyl phosphite. (I) Triethyl phosphite. (J) Dimethyl phosphite. (K) Diethyl phosphite. (L) Sulfur monochloride. (M) Sulfur dichloride. (N) Thionyl chloride. (O) Ethyldiethanolamine. (P) Methyldiethanolamine. (Q) Triethanolamine.


22 USC § 6701(12)

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