Salaries and Expenses

The Director of the United States Information Agency shall make an annual grant to the Endowment to enable the Endowment to carry out its purposes as specified in section 4411(b) of this title . Such grants shall be made with funds specifically appropriated for grants to the Endowment or with funds appropriated to the Agency for the “Salaries and Expenses” account. Such grants shall be made pursuant to a grant agreement between the Director and the Endowment which requires that grant funds will only be used for activities which the Board of Directors of the Endowment determines are consistent with the purposes described in section 4411(b) of this title , that the Endowment will allocate funds in accordance with subsection (e) of this section, and that the Endowment will otherwise comply with the requirements of this subchapter. The grant agreement may not require the Endowment to comply with requirements other than those specified in this subchapter.


22 USC § 4412(a)

Scoping language

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