The President shall make provision for such training, including training under section 2507a of this title , as the President deems appropriate for each applicant for enrollment as a volunteer and each enrolled volunteer. All of the provisions of this chapter applicable respectively to volunteers and volunteer leaders shall be applicable to applicants for enrollment as such during any period of training occurring prior to enrollment, and the respective terms “volunteers” and “volunteer leaders” shall include such applicants during any such period of training. As part of the training provided to all volunteers under subsection (a), and in coordination with the Inspector General of the Peace Corps, the President shall provide all volunteers with information regarding the mandate of the Inspector General and the availability (including contact information) of the Inspector General and the Office of Victim Advocacy as a resource for volunteers. The President shall ensure that volunteers receive such information at least once during training that occurs prior to enrollment and at least once during each significant instance of training after enrollment.


22 USC § 2507(a)

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None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (chapter 34) of this section.
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