violations of religious freedom

(16) Violations of religious freedom The term “violations of religious freedom” means violations of the internationally recognized right to freedom of religion and religious belief and practice, as set forth in the international instruments referred to in section 6401(a)(2) of this title and as described in section 6401(a)(3) of this title , including violations such as— (A) arbitrary prohibitions on, restrictions of, or punishment for— (i) assembling for peaceful religious activities such as worship, preaching, and prayer, including arbitrary registration requirements; (ii) speaking freely about one’s religious beliefs; (iii) changing one’s religious beliefs and affiliation; (iv) not professing a particular religion, or any religion; (v) possession and distribution of religious literature, including Bibles; or (vi) raising one’s children in the religious teachings and practices of one’s choice; or (B) any of the following acts if committed on account of an individual’s conscience, non-theistic views, or religious belief or practice: detention, interrogation, imposition of an onerous financial penalty, forced labor, forced mass resettlement, imprisonment, forced religious conversion, forcibly compelling non-believers or non-theists to recant their beliefs or to convert, beating, torture, mutilation, rape, enslavement, murder, and execution.


22 USC § 6402(16)

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