excess foreign currencies

Any Act of the Congress making appropriations to carry out programs under this chapter or any other Act for United States operations abroad is hereby authorized to provide for the utilization of United States-owned excess foreign currencies to carry out any such operations authorized by law. As used in this subsection, the term “excess foreign currencies” means foreign currencies or credits owned by or owed to the United States which are, under applicable agreements with the foreign country concerned, available for the use of the United States Government and are determined by the President to be excess to the normal requirements of departments and agencies of the United States for such currencies or credits and are not prohibited from use under this subsection by an agreement entered into with the foreign country concerned. The President shall take all appropriate steps to assure that, to the maximum extent possible, United States-owned foreign currencies are utilized in lieu of dollars. Dollar funds made available pursuant to this chapter shall not be expended for goods and services when United States-owned foreign currencies are available for such purposes unless the administrative official approving the voucher certifies as to the reason for the use of dollars in each case.


22 USC § 2362(b)

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As used in this subsection
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