developing countries

(2)For purposes of this subsection, the term “developing countries” shall not include advanced developing countries. (b)No funds made available under this chapter shall be used for the purchase in bulk of any commodities at prices higher than the market price prevailing in the United States at the time of purchase, adjusted for differences in the cost of transportation to destination, quality, and terms of payment. (c)In providing for the procurement of any agricultural commodity or product thereof available for disposition under the Food for Peace Act, as amended [et seq.], for transfer by grant under this chapter to any recipient country in accordance with its requirements, the President shall, insofar as practicable and when in furtherance of the purposes of this chapter, authorize the procurement of such agricultural commodity only within the United States except to the extent that such agricultural commodity is not available in the United States in sufficient quantities to supply emergency requirements of recipients under this chapter. (d)In providing assistance in the procurement of commodities in the United States, United States dollars shall be made available for marine insurance on such commodities where such insurance is placed on a competitive basis in accordance with normal trade practice prevailing prior to the outbreak of World War II: Provided, That in the event a participating country, by statute, decree, rule, or regulation, discriminates against any marine insurance company authorized to do business in any State of the United States, then commodities purchased with funds provided hereunder and destined for such country shall be insured in the United States against marine risk with a company or companies authorized to do a marine insurance business in any State of the United States. (e)No funds made available under this chapter shall be used for the procurement of any agricultural commodity or product thereof outside the United States when the domestic price of such commodity is less than parity, unless the commodity to be financed could not reasonably be procured in the United States in fulfillment of the objectives of a particular assistance program under which such commodity procurement is to be financed. (f)No funds authorized to be made available to carry out subchapter I of this chapter shall be used under any commodity import program to make any payment to a supplier unless the supplier has certified to the agency primarily responsible for administering such subchapter I, such information as such agency shall by regulation prescribe, including but not limited to, a description of the commodity supplied by him and its condition, and, on the basis of such information such agency shall have approved such commodity as eligible and suitable for financing under this chapter. (g)


22 USC § 2354(a)(2)

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