voluntary family planning program

(c)In addition to funds otherwise available, excess foreign currencies, as defined in subsection (b), may be made available to friendly foreign governments and to private, nonprofit United States organizations to carry out voluntary family planning programs in countries which request such assistance. No such program shall be assisted unless the President has received assurances that in the administration of such program the recipient will take reasonable precautions to insure that no person receives any family planning assistance or supplies unless he desires such services. The excess foreign currencies made available under this subsection shall not, in any one year, exceed 5 per centum of the aggregate of all excess foreign currencies. As used in this subsection, the term “voluntary family planning program” includes, but is not limited to, demographic studies, medical and psychological research, personnel training, the construction and staffing of clinics and rural health centers, specialized training of doctors and paramedical personnel, the manufacture of medical supplies, and the dissemination of family planning information, medical assistance, and supplies to individuals who desire such assistance. (d)In furnishing assistance under this chapter to the government of any country in which the United States owns excess foreign currencies as defined in subsection (b) of this section, except those currencies generated under the Food for Peace Act, as amended [et seq.], the President shall endeavor to obtain from the recipient country an agreement for the release, on such terms and conditions as the President shall determine, of an amount of such currencies up to the equivalent of the dollar value of assistance furnished by the United States for programs as may be mutually agreed upon by the recipient country and the United States to carry out the purposes for which new funds authorized by this chapter would themselves be available.


22 USC § 2362(c)

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