alternative fuel vehicle

(1) Alternative fuel vehicle .— The term “alternative fuel vehicle” means a vehicle that is solely operating on— (A) methanol, denatured ethanol, or other alcohols; (B) a mixture containing at least 85 percent of methanol, denatured ethanol, and other alcohols by volume with gasoline or other fuels; (C) natural gas; (D) liquefied petroleum gas; (E) hydrogen; (F) coal derived liquid fuels; (G) fuels (except alcohol) derived from biological materials; (H) electricity (including electricity from solar energy); or (I) any other fuel that the Secretary prescribes by regulation that is not substantially petroleum and that would yield substantial energy security and environmental benefits, including fuels regulated under section 490 of title 10 , Code of Federal Regulations (or successor regulations).


23 USC § 166(f)(1)

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