low emission and energy-efficient vehicle

(3) Low emission and energy-efficient vehicle .— The term “low emission and energy-efficient vehicle” means a vehicle that— (A) has been certified by the Administrator as meeting the Tier II emission level established in regulations prescribed by the Administrator under section 202(i) of the Clean Air Act ( 42 U.S.C. 7521(i) ) for that make and model year vehicle; and (B) (i) is certified by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, in consultation with the manufacturer, to have achieved not less than a 50-percent increase in city fuel economy or not less than a 25-percent increase in combined city-highway fuel economy (or such greater percentage of city or city-highway fuel economy as may be determined by a State under subsection (d)(2)(C)) relative to a comparable vehicle that is an internal combustion gasoline fueled vehicle (other than a vehicle that has propulsion energy from onboard hybrid sources); or (ii) is an alternative fuel vehicle.


23 USC § 166(f)(3)

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