health promotion

(11) Health promotion The term “health promotion” means any activity for— (A) fostering social, economic, environmental, and personal factors conducive to health, including raising public awareness regarding health matters and enabling individuals to cope with health problems by increasing knowledge and providing valid information; (B) encouraging adequate and appropriate diet, exercise, and sleep; (C) promoting education and work in accordance with physical and mental capacity; (D) making available safe water and sanitary facilities; (E) improving the physical, economic, cultural, psychological, and social environment; (F) promoting culturally competent care; and (G) providing adequate and appropriate programs, including programs for— (i) abuse prevention (mental and physical); (ii) community health; (iii) community safety; (iv) consumer health education; (v) diet and nutrition; (vi) immunization and other methods of prevention of communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS; (vii) environmental health; (viii) exercise and physical fitness; (ix) avoidance of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders; (x) first aid and CPR education; (xi) human growth and development; (xii) injury prevention and personal safety; (xiii) behavioral health; (xiv) monitoring of disease indicators between health care provider visits through appropriate means, including Internet-based health care management systems; (xv) personal health and wellness practices; (xvi) personal capacity building; (xvii) prenatal, pregnancy, and infant care; (xviii) psychological well-being; (xix) reproductive health and family planning; (xx) safe and adequate water; (xxi) healthy work environments; (xxii) elimination, reduction, and prevention of contaminants that create unhealthy household conditions (including mold and other allergens); (xxiii) stress control; (xxiv) substance abuse; (xxv) sanitary facilities; (xxvi) sudden infant death syndrome prevention; (xxvii) tobacco use cessation and reduction; (xxviii) violence prevention; and (xxix) such other activities identified by the Service, a tribal health program, or an urban Indian organization to promote achievement of any of the objectives referred to in section 1602(2) of this title .


25 USC § 1603(11)

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