(a)There is hereby created an Indian Loan Guaranty and Insurance Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “fund”) which shall be available to the Secretary as a revolving fund without fiscal year limitation for carrying out the provisions of this subchapter. (b)The Secretary may use the fund for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations with respect to loans or surety bonds guaranteed or insured under this subchapter, but the aggregate of such loans or surety bonds which are insured or guaranteed by the Secretary shall be limited to $1,500,000,000. (c)All funds, claims, notes, mortgages, contracts, and property acquired by the Secretary under this section, and all collections and proceeds therefrom, shall constitute assets of the fund; and all liabilities and obligations of such assets shall be liabilities and obligations of the fund. The Secretary is authorized to make agreements with respect to servicing loans or surety bonds held, guaranteed, or insured by him under this subchapter and purchasing such guaranteed or insured loans or surety bonds on such terms and conditions as he may prescribe. (d)The Secretary may also utilize the fund to pay taxes, insurance, prior liens, expenses necessary to make fiscal adjustments in connection with the application and transmittal of collections, and other expenses and advances to protect the Secretary for loans or surety bonds which are guaranteed or insured under this subchapter or held by the Secretary, to acquire such security property at foreclosure sale or otherwise, and to pay administrative expenses. (e)There are authorized to be appropriated for each fiscal year beginning in fiscal year 1985 such sums as may be necessary to fulfill obligations with respect to losses on loans or surety bonds guaranteed or insured under this subchapter. All collections and all moneys appropriated pursuant to the authority of this subsection shall remain available until expended.


25 USC § 1497(a)

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