prevention and treatment

(4) The term “prevention and treatment” includes, as appropriate— (A) efforts to identify, and the identification of, Indians who are at risk with respect to, or who are abusers of, alcohol or controlled substances, (B) intervention into cases of on-going alcohol and substance abuse to halt a further progression of such abuse, (C) prevention through education and the provision of alternative activities, (D) treatment for alcohol and substance abusers to help abstain from, and alleviate the effects of, abuse, (E) rehabilitation to provide on-going assistance, either on an inpatient or outpatient basis, to help Indians reform or abstain from alcohol or substance abuse, (F) follow-up or after-care to provide the appropriate counseling and assistance on an outpatient basis, and (G) referral to other sources of assistance or resources.


25 USC § 2403(4)

Scoping language

For purposes of this chapter
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