administrative cost

(1) Administrative cost (A) In general The term “administrative cost” means the cost of necessary administrative functions which— (i) the tribe or tribal organization incurs as a result of operating a tribal elementary or secondary educational program; (ii) are not customarily paid by comparable Bureau-operated programs out of direct program funds; and (iii) are either— (I) normally provided for comparable Bureau programs by Federal officials using resources other than Bureau direct program funds; or (II) are otherwise required of tribal self-determination program operators by law or prudent management practice. (B) Inclusions The term “administrative cost” may include— (i) contract or grant (or other agreement) administration; (ii) executive, policy, and corporate leadership and decisionmaking; (iii) program planning, development, and management; (iv) fiscal, personnel, property, and procurement management; (v) related office services and record keeping; and (vi) costs of necessary insurance, auditing, legal, safety and security services.


25 USC § 2008(a)(1)

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