program costs

(2) Program costs The term “program costs” means— (A) total salaries (including locality pay and bonuses), benefits, and employment taxes for special compliance personnel employed or trained under the program described in subsection (a), (B) direct overhead costs, salaries, benefits, and employment taxes relating to support staff, rental payments, office equipment and furniture, travel, data processing services, vehicle costs, utilities, communications, software, technology, postage, printing and reproduction, supplies and materials, lands and structures, insurance claims, and indemnities for special compliance personnel hired and employed under this section, and (C) reimbursement of the Internal Revenue Service or other government agencies for the cost of administering the qualified tax collection program under section 6306. For purposes of subparagraph (B), the cost of management and supervision of special compliance personnel shall be taken into account as direct overhead costs to the extent such costs, when included in total program costs under this paragraph, do not represent more than 10 percent of such total costs.


26 USC § 6307(d)(2)

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