smart grid property

(19) Qualified smart electric grid systems (A) In general The term “qualified smart electric grid system” means any smart grid property which— (i) is used as part of a system for electric distribution grid communications, monitoring, and management placed in service by a taxpayer who is a supplier of electric energy or a provider of electric energy services, and (ii) does not have a class life (determined without regard to subsection (e)) of less than 16 years. (B) Smart grid property For the purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “smart grid property” means electronics and related equipment that is capable of— (i) sensing, collecting, and monitoring data of or from all portions of a utility’s electric distribution grid, (ii) providing real-time, two-way communications to monitor or manage such grid, and (iii) providing real time analysis of and event prediction based upon collected data that can be used to improve electric distribution system reliability, quality, and performance.


26 USC § 168(i)(19)

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