credit counseling services

(4) Credit counseling services; debt management plan services For purposes of this subsection— (A) Credit counseling services The term “credit counseling services” means— (i) the providing of educational information to the general public on budgeting, personal finance, financial literacy, saving and spending practices, and the sound use of consumer credit, (ii) the assisting of individuals and families with financial problems by providing them with counseling, or (iii) a combination of the activities described in clauses (i) and (ii). (B) Debt management plan services The term “debt management plan services” means services related to the repayment, consolidation, or restructuring of a consumer’s debt, and includes the negotiation with creditors of lower interest rates, the waiver or reduction of fees, and the marketing and processing of debt management plans.


26 USC § 501(q)(4)

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For purposes of this subsection
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