tribal economic development bond

(3) Tribal economic development bond (A) In general For purposes of this section, the term “tribal economic development bond” means any bond issued by an Indian tribal government— (i) the interest on which would be exempt from tax under section 103 if issued by a State or local government, and (ii) which is designated by the Indian tribal government as a tribal economic development bond for purposes of this subsection. (B) Exceptions Such term shall not include any bond issued as part of an issue if any portion of the proceeds of such issue are used to finance— (i) any portion of a building in which class II or class III gaming (as defined in section 4 of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) is conducted or housed or any other property actually used in the conduct of such gaming, or (ii) any facility located outside the Indian reservation (as defined in section 168(j)(6) ). (C) Limitation on amount of bonds designated The maximum aggregate face amount of bonds which may be designated by any Indian tribal government under subparagraph (A) shall not exceed the amount of national tribal economic development bond limitation allocated to such government under paragraph (1).


26 USC § 7871(f)(3)

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