transportation fuel

(5) Transportation fuel (A) In general The term “transportation fuel” means a fuel which— (i) is suitable for use as a fuel in a highway vehicle or aircraft, (ii) has an emissions rate which is not greater than 50 kilograms of CO 2 e per mmBTU, and (iii) is not derived from coprocessing an applicable material (or materials derived from an applicable material) with a feedstock which is not biomass. (B) Definitions In this paragraph— (i) Applicable material The term “applicable material” means— (I) monoglycerides, diglycerides, and triglycerides, (II) free fatty acids, and (III) fatty acid esters. (ii) Biomass The term “biomass” has the same meaning given such term in section 45K(c)(3).


26 USC § 45Z(d)(5)

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