organic taxable chemical

(10) Hydrocarbon streams containing mixtures of organic taxable chemicals (A) In general No tax shall be imposed under section 4661(a) on any organic taxable chemical while such chemical is part of an intermediate hydrocarbon stream containing one or more organic taxable chemicals. (B) Removal, etc., treated as use For purposes of this part, if any organic taxable chemical on which no tax was imposed by reason of subparagraph (A) is isolated, extracted, or otherwise removed from, or ceases to be part of, an intermediate hydrocarbon stream— (i) such isolation, extraction, removal, or cessation shall be treated as use by the person causing such event, and (ii) such person shall be treated as the manufacturer of such chemical. (C) Registration requirement Subparagraph (A) shall not apply to any sale of any intermediate hydrocarbon stream unless the registration requirements of clauses (i) and (ii) of subsection (c)(2)(B) are satisfied. (D) Organic taxable chemical For purposes of this paragraph, the term “organic taxable chemical” means any taxable chemical which is an organic substance.


26 USC § 4662(b)(10)

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