acquisition indebtedness

(5) Annuities For purposes of this section, the term “acquisition indebtedness” does not include an obligation to pay an annuity which— (A) is the sole consideration (other than a mortgage to which paragraph (2)(B) applies) issued in exchange for property if, at the time of the exchange, the value of the annuity is less than 90 percent of the value of the property received in the exchange, (B) is payable over the life of one individual in being at the time the annuity is issued, or over the lives of two individuals in being at such time, and (C) is payable under a contract which— (i) does not guarantee a minimum amount of payments or specify a maximum amount of payments, and (ii) does not provide for any adjustment of the amount of the annuity payments by reference to the income received from the transferred property or any other property.


26 USC § 514(c)(5)

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For purposes of this section
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